24h Service
СНПЧ А7 Самара, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

We've become the most experienced company, not only by the take over time but by the permanent interest of our clients as individuals or bussines.

Client Services

Aiports, ports and railway stations.

We pick up at your home or at any other agreed place. The most usual journeys are to Girona and Barcelona airport, but we also transfer you to the railway station that you what. (Barcelona, Girona,Vilafant....) or to  the seaports of the whole Catalan geography. All this is carried and both on the outward journey and on the return.

School transport.

Our vehicles are also autoritzed for transport services to day nurseries, schools, secondsay schols or universities.

8 people services.

We offer transfer in the same vehicle of even 8 persons and all their luggage.

Road service.

If  you need transfer of persons and/or of paekets from any place ar the Costa Brava to all the reast the Spanish geografhy.


We transfer be it periodically that can be accepted for a private car.


Urgent service or regular of transfer of diverse documentation for private individuals or companies.

Pet services.

If necessary, we also do transfers of pets without cafe with his master and whit cage.

Daily services

Sevices requested in a periodical or sporadic way.

Alarm clock service

If you have engaged a services of outward journey to Girona or Barcelona  airport, we wake you up at an agreed hour, thus we cost aside risc of wouts and delays.

Company services.

Workers transfer towards the company on one or several pick ups.

Subscribed company service. There are the services for the companies with regularity, they musn't pay every service at the moment, this must be paid at the end of the month with an invoice and a bank transfer.

Pharmacy services

Medicines pick up at the pharmacy and bring it at home.

Flowers services.

Flowers pick up or plants at the flolist's shop and bring it at home.